Frequently Asked Questions

Q?How does your tax preparation process work?
  • Please complete  our Contact Form and indicate the services that you are interested in.
  • We create your account so you can securely upload all required documents to your folder at Client Portal.
  • You sign an engagement letter that will outline a list of services to be performed as well as your total cost.
  • We start working on your return.
  • We complete your return and send you a request for payment. We use our partners Paypal and Google Checkout to process all payments. We don’t have an access to your payment methods.
  • After the payment is processed, we will release a tax return for your review. We will answer any questions that you might have.
  • After you are happy with the return, we will help you file it.
Q?Who will prepare my tax return?

Your tax return will be prepared by a CPA. Our CPA firm is headquartered in Chicago, IL and founded by the University of Chicago MBAs and CPAs.

Q?How are you different from other CPAs?

We pride ourselves on our niche expertise in tax services for Americans living abroad. Sign up to our Blog to get regular updates. Our goal is to provide our clients with timely, professional and secure service.

Q?Is my information secure?

Security of our clients’ information is our top priority. Our secure Client Portal provides clients with 24/7 document access. We use 128-bit SSL encryption and password protection to keep your files safe and compliant with federal and state privacy laws.

Q?Which documents should I upload so you can prepare my tax return?

We will request you to complete a questionnaire. Additionally, you need to submit all relevant forms like W-2, 1099, 1098, Sch K-1 as well as your last year tax return.

Q?When can I access my files?

We provide 24/7 Document Access. Our clients have round-the-clock access to their financial documents through a secure online Client Portal.

Q?Can you help me learn more about tax rules and regulations? How do I know that I should file a tax return?

Sign up to our Expat Tax Blog. We constantly update them with new tax articles.