Our Company

Vision and Mission

Artio Partners is a leading award-winning expat CPA firm specializing in expatriate tax consulting and tax preparation services for US expats and foreign nationals.

Artio Partners is the top Tax Provider of the Year and the winner of the prestigious EMMA’s award for outstanding international tax services in the global mobility industry.

We work extensively with individuals on international assignments. We are distinguished by the commitment to international tax planning and US expat tax preparation for Americans abroad and non-residents. We help our clients navigate the often complicated process of dealing with the expat tax issues like foreign income tax, foreign earned income exclusion, foreign housing exclusion or deduction, foreign tax credit, FBAR, FATCA, totalization agreements.

We are trusted advisors, not simply tax return preparers. By staying current with the latest developments in international tax planning and compliance issues, we are committed to providing exceptional service, expert advice and comprehensive tax consulting services.

We specialize in complex tax issues like Controlled Foreign Corporation (CFC), foreign partnership, foreign mutual funds, foreign real estate, foreign adoption, self-employed individuals, social security agreements, inheritance, expatriation tax issues, FATCA, FBAR, investment of  foreign nationals in the USA and other advanced tax topics. The license number of each CPA can be verified by the government body, Department of Professional Regulation. To learn more about our client reviews, please click here.


Our Difference

Customer Value

We provide Big 4 firm quality advice and assistance with a personal touch available only from a boutique tax firm.


We focus only on international tax issues. Unlike other firms of our size, we provide support to our clients all-year-round. Our relationship with a client doesn’t end after we filed a return. This is a beginning of our relationship. We keep our clients up-to-date on new developments in tax laws and regulations to prevent costly mistakes.