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2014 Income Tax Changes You Should Be Thinking About Now

Before you know it, 2014 is going to be behind you, and you’ll be looking for your W-2 to arrive. Just like in past years there are going to be some noticeable changes on your 2014 income tax forms. Some of these may adjust the amount you are accustomed to...
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What are Property Taxes Basics for US taxpayers?

Real estate or property tax is one of the categories of taxes assessed by the government. We might not like taxes, and might not always agree with how they are spent, but we understand that they are an inherent part of our system of government. Without taxes, our country will...
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2014 Expat Tax Guide for American Expats

2014 tax filing season will officially start on January 31, 2014. American expats are advised to review expat tax filing deadlines in 2014 to avoid any penalties or interest. 2013 tax law changes have a significant effect on filing US expat taxes in 2014. 2014 expat tax guide for American...
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