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I have had nothing but great experiences working with Artio Partners over the past 2 years. I have a complex tax situation given living and working in multiple countries and I dreaded doing my taxes each year. But with ZM and team, I was surprised by how easy it was! The form I needed to fill out was simple and logical. I asked many questions along the way to understand my options and I could tell they know what they are doing and are experts in this area. I would highly recommend their services to anyone needing that extra level of tax support without the huge price tag.

Lisa D. from Singapore

Last year, I contacted Artio Partners to help me file my tax returns over the last 5 years, after having unsuccessfully tried to contact other tax firms who “didn’t have time for new clients”.  Although I had questions and certainly took a while to get all the information, my tax advisor always answered my questions very quickly and in all was a great help.  I was so relieved to find professionals that made income tax filing easy… and will continue every year to use Artio Partners services.

Anne D. from France

Being an American citizen living in Belgium for the last 42 years, I’ve had a number of Companies assist me in the preparation of my US tax declarations.  By far the most capable & professional of these companies has been Artio Partners.   The overall quality of work and personal interaction has been excellent.   Through their intervention & assistance On the refiling of my 2011 tax declaration, I received a refund instead of the payment mistakenly demanded by the tax authorities.

I would highly recommend Artio Partners.

Dennis N. from Belgium

Artio Partners is an excellent choice for your tax preparation needs!  I have used their international tax preparation services for three years now and will continue to use them for the foreseeable future.  They are highly efficient and professional and I am secure in the knowledge that I am in safe hands with Artio!  Enlist their services and enjoy the same comfort and confidence I do, you won’t regret it!

Sonia O. from China